Aglaé et Sidonie


Introduction - Credits:

French animated television series for children. 65 colour episodes of approximately 5 minutes (5 seasons of 13 episodes, filmed over three years), broadcast from 27 February 1969 on channel one of ORTF.
Series also broadcast in many French-speaking countries (Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, Togo, etc.).
Author: Guyslaine
Creation and image production: Jean-Marie Jack
Production: Pierre Loray
Co-production: different depending on the seasons (Comanda and Images de France for season n° 1, Junior production for n° 4 and 5…) 
Adaptation: André Joanny
Puppets and sets: Mado Moreau and Louis Dumont
Original soundtrack: Pierre Arvay
Songs: words from André Joanny, music from Pierre Arvay

With the voices of:
Lola Arvay (the goose Sidonie, spoken voice)
Catherine Arvay (the goose Sidonie, sung voice)
Danielle Arvay (the sow Aglaé, spoken and sung voice)
Bernard Lavalette (the fox Croquetou, spoken and sung voice)
Robert Le Beal (the rooster Agénor, spoken voice)
Pierre Loray (the rooster Agénor, sung voice)

Summary - Information:

The little goose, Sidonie, and the young sow, Aglaé, live happily on a farm, under the protection of the rooster, Agénor. But the fox, Croquetou, breaks in and plays every trick to try to trap the two friends…
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As well as the accompanying music, each of the 65 episodes involves one song.
There are 65 songs, of which 36 are different (including the sung closing credits), that recur over 26 musical themes (some have been used several times with different words). Most of these songs, as well as the theme tune, were marketed: browse the records in the Discography.

The opening theme is not, in fact, an original composition: it is a rearranged version of the piece Merry Ocarina by Pierre Arvay, released on the 1964 album Illustrations n° 2 (De Wolfe Music, 33 RPM n° 2823).
With regard to the accompanying music, where some has been composed specially by Pierre Arvay for the series, some is stock music from his album Illustrations n° 6, released in 1966 (De Wolfe Music, 33 RPM n° 3057).

Note that the first season of the series was destroyed in the 1970s by a fire in the laboratory where it was stored. The only trace that remains of it is the disc Les Aventures d’Aglaé et Sidonie, edited in 1970 by Adès-Le Petit ménestrel (33 RPM 17 inch, n° ALB 112), which returns to four episodes of this season in which Aglaé and Sidonie meet. It can be noted that the spoken voice was different: in fact Lola Arvay was asked to use a high-pitched and reedy voice that was eventually dropped in the following seasons, Lola Arvay taking then a more natural tone.

The theme tune – with the alternative version of the closing theme (Bonsoir instead of Au revoir’) used in some episodes of seasons n° 4 and 5 – and an extract of all the songs:

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